OK6DX QTH is situated in the community named Kramolna in district of Nachod. Its located abt 3km from Nachod (home QTH of all OK6DX operators) and its not so far :-)) The world wide locator square is JO80BJ. It is a small hill with about 460meters about sea level.Its not so good for working on VHF bands, but I know many worst QTH ofcourse :-)). We have a PACKET NODE OK0NHN located in the second room of our QTH house.

Radioclub is active on 2m band only in this time, but we are planing to be active on 70cm also in the near future. We are participation only in the INTERNATIONAL Contests, because the callsign OK 6 DX can be used only in INTERNATIONAL Contests! It means, that you can contact OK6DX only in a few contest on VHF. OK6DX contest are as follows: I.IARU CONTECT, II.IARU CONTEST, III.IARU CONTEST and time to time in MARCONI MEMORIAL A1 CONTEST also. In other contest (for example Czech Activity Contest, FM Contests, Christmas Contest, Easter Contest) we are active as OK1KLX or operating under private callsignss as follows: OK1DCF (LADA), OK1FUM (JIRKA), OK1WCF (MARTIN) and OK1DLX (MIREK). In Czech Activity Contests participate Martin OK1WCF. (

OK1WCF 2002,

Thanks to Honza OK1FUL for hosting OK6DX HOMEPAGES on